Pilot Scheme on Quiet Renovation
Equipment Rental Scheme

Most people in Hong Kong live in multi-storey buildings. Noise impact generated during domestic renovation could cause negative impact to neighbours. To address such noise nuisance, a Pilot Scheme on Quiet Renovation is introduced to promote quiet renovation. This website aims to share up-to-date information about the scheme and promote the use of quiet noise renovation equipment through free rental programme.

Equipment for Rental

Category of Noisy Renovation Activities Type of Quiet Renovation Equipment Available Quantity
1 Concrete removal Handheld concrete crusher 0
2 Ceramic tiles removal Small breaker 167
3 Hole drilling/ indentation Handheld diamond coring machine 50
4 Anchor fixing on concrete wall/ ceiling Handheld direct fastening machine 0
5 Brick cutting Handheld brick cutter 0
6 Grooving/ channeling Handheld wall chaser 216

Quiet Renovation Equipment

Equipment Rental

  • All equipment must be returned to us within three months after the day upon which it was borrowed.
  • For personal rental, borrowers can borrow one piece of equipment in each category at a time.
  • The borrowers are obliged to arrange the delivery for pick-up and return at borrowers' costs.
  • Other dates and times are negotiable.
  • The scheme also welcomes group borrowing. Details can be arranged with us (+852 5392-5911).

Renewal Period

  • If the borrowed equipment has not been reserved by others, the borrower can renew it once and register by phone or on this website within two weeks before the expiration date (no need to visit our company in person again for the renewal). After confirmation , it can be renewed for three more months.
  • The borrowers are obliged to arrange the delivery for pick-up and return at borrowers' costs. The pick-up and return address is Unit 1813, 1815-16, Tower A, Regent Centre, 63 Wo Yi Hop Road, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong, Monday to Friday (except public holiday) from 0930 to 1230. Other dates and times are negotiable.
  • Borrowers are advised to check for any defect or damage to equipment before checking out. You should report to the staff in the Office immediately if any defect or damage is noticed. The defeated or damaged equipment may not be borrowed.
  • The borrower accepts complete financial responsibility for the equipment borrowed. The borrower will take responsibility for the equipment's reimbursement repair or replacement costs if lost, stolen or damaged.
  • All borrowers/users must observe and follow the operating instructions, rules and regulations governing the use of the equipment at any location. Do not misuse the equipment. Risks for the equipment remains with the users from the time of delivery until the time of return.
  • The borrower/user assumes all responsibility for injuries to persons or damages to property and agrees to release and hold ANewR Consulting Limited (the contractor) and the Environmental Protection Department of HKSARG harmless for any claims, of whatsoever nature, arising out of the use of the rental equipment while in their custody.
  • The borrower/user shall purchase third-party liability insurance on his own. The contractor and the Environmental Protection Department of HKSARG will not be responsible for any direct or indirect accidents or casualties caused by the use of borrowed equipment or borrowed services.
  • It is prohibited to make profits from re-rental under the scheme.